I finished up the first of two Ferdinands for my planned Kursk and Anzio actions. These are 15mm models from The Plastic Soldier Company. I ordered these big boys over a year ago, but they were placed pretty far down in the painting que. I recently got to this one over the past weekend and should finish the second this coming weekend.


The kits themselves go together fairly quickly and require minimum trimming. There is a tendency for little gaps to appear between certain pieces but nothing that cannot be overcome. I would suggest assembling the tracks and wheels seperate from the body to make painting easier. Once the tracks and underside of the chassis have been painted go ahead and throw it together. My one complaint about the model itself is there is no visible machine gun anywhere on the tank. The Ferdinands did not have an MG, but after Kursk the were sent to the rear, armed with MGs, and renamed Elefants. At 15mm this isn’t to big of a deal and I still plan on using them as the later for the Italian campaign.


The paint job was easy. I used the German late war kit from Ammo by Mig. Using an airbrush for the base layer of the German yellow, that was about 60 percent of the job right there. I hand painted the camo on which took about an hour to do. The tracks were painted up a dark steel color and then given a wash with Ammo by Mig Track Wash, this also worked very well for the wheels. I stuck the transfers on both sides and then slopped on some thick mud pigment where it looked like it should be. The whole project took about three hours of work, not including drying between stages.

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