With so many different projects going on at once, sometimes it can be hard to find focus and get one done in a reasonable amount of time. For me, switching between projects actually helps me stay motivated, and find that much needed focus.


Two brigades of French Line infantry.

I’ve managed to get a large chunk of my 6mm Napoleonics painted up and based. One of the projects I am most interested in is for Blücher by Sam Mustafa. These rules are brigade level, so a single base or unit is meant to represent several thousand soldiers. I was quite intrigued once I began looking into this book. Usually I play miniature games focused on the battalion or smaller. I left the larger scales to my hex and counter wargames like the Napoleonic 20 series, Nations in Arms, etc…

I should also mention that I am working on another entirely separate 6mm Napoleonics project as well, for Warlord Games Black Powder. I will show these in a future post and talk about them in depth. The original plan was to just bunch some of the bases together and call it a brigade so I could play both BP and Blücher with the same minis. I got thinking about it and just couldn’t resist the temptation. So I went all in and started ordering more 6mm to make up some bases for Blücher. My justification was that my original project was for the early war through the Peninsular War. My Blücher set would be for 1812 onward… See completely reasonable I’m sure you’d agree.


The Old Guard stands ready (with attached batteries of foot artillery).

I must give a shout out to Baccus 6mm for being very flexible and working with me on exactly what I need in terms of composition anf quantities of miniatures, their customer service has been top notch! The bases I tracked down from an online company called Laser Craft and were a bargain. 40 bases measuring 100 x 80 mm for about $17.00. Perfectly flat and perfectly straight, I will definitely be placing another order with them soon.


What I have shown so far in this post are my French forces. Obviously I have a fair amount more I need to complete for my army but it is going quickly. I will soon be ordering up some Russians, following them will be the Ottoman Turks. Eventually I will add in some French Allies, Austrians, and Prussians. I am looking forward to sharing them in the future!

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