Well, it was kind of obvious the Romano Britons were going to need somebody to scrap it up with. Who better than the old school Saxons? So I continued down the path of single basing another entire army. As I stated in previous articles… this is not something I’m accustomed to doing. Small skirmish forces yeah sure, entire armies are different. I haven’t put a whole army on individual bases since my GW days of WHF and WH40k. I’m still not even sure if I want to jump deep into Saga and Dux Britanniarium to ice the cake! I guess if I’m not feeling either of those games I can rip ’em and stick ’em on bases for DBA of course. They would make very nice looking armies out of book 2.


I painted these guys up without any sort of “uniform” look to keep the appearance random and exciting. I think they came out pretty well considering they were one of my first 15mm projects. Several years ago I once quit miniature wargaming and sold all of my 28mm (or most of) right about the time I started to get really good painting that scale. When I started in the 15mm scale, I felt like I had never painted a miniature before. It was ugly.


If anyone reading this is experiencing the same, stick with it. It will get better I promise. It took me about 500 minis before I was able to see my first painting “level up”, but the change was definatley noticeable. So there is hope further down the tunnel, just keep your brushes sharp!

More about the Saxons… They are from Splintered Light Miniatures just like the Romanos. Shield transfers are also from Little Big Men Studios. There is a Warlord, minor lords and champions, a few Shamans / Priests, armored, and unarmored warriors, along with a few bowmen to back them up. I have yet to come up with character names and backgrounds yet, but the rule sets I have chosen should help to determine those things.


We are getting closer to our first documented battle reports for Dux Britanniarum, stay tuned!

Epic Fox

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