We are coming off the tail end of our Early Dark Age project here at Epic Fox and the initial results look promising. This is an era of warfare that we haven’t really touched on yet at the battlegrounds, or myself personally. As you may have noticed, I chose to go with an individual skirmished style basing for the miniatures. This by itself feels strange to me, every fiber in my body kept reaching for the 40mm bases. After seeing these painted up, I started fantasizing about a fully based army for Hail Caesar or Sword and Spear. Alas, that’s not the agreement I had made with myself.


This side project was intended to be small. After all, with so many other projects of various sizes goin on all at once it would be years before we saw them on the table if I went for bigger forces. I intentionally chose rules sets that would not only compliment small forces, but that are actually made for these sizes of conflicts. After browsing through blogs, websites, and YouTube, I settled on two choices: Dux Britanniarum by Too Fat Lardies, and Saga by Gripping Beast. I think these sets will both provide a good historical setting keeping with the time period in question, along with maintaining a good campaign system and solid character and force development along the way. In future articles we will touch on these games more in depth.


The miniatures themselves are from Splintered Light Miniatures range of 15mm Sub-Roman British line. I purchased the Dux Britanniarum pre-packs for both the Romanos and Early Saxons (to be featured in a future article) at a pretty decent price. Although these packs come with exactly what you need to start playing Dux Britanniarum, they are a few models short of providing full Saga forces so I will need to order and paint up some fillers for both sides. Splintered Light also makes sets for the Scotti, Irish, and the Picts if you would like to involve those factions as well. War Hounds? Yes Please! Eventually we will branch in those directions as well.


The minis themselves painted up rather fast and nicely. The transfers are Splintered Light specific and are manufactured by Little Big Men Studios. I am impressed with the quality and imaging of the transfers but a few of them stand out a little much with that slighly obvious “transfer look”. Nothing overly serious though. The variety and selection of transfers are good, but a few more unique designs for leaders, champions, and other characters of important status would be appteciated.

Splintered Light makes a wide range of poses for their forces. More so than shown here in my Romano Britains. There are several other poses and mixes of weapons for all of the soldiers I havr fielded, plus several more troop types that are not on my army list as of yet. These troops types include heavily armored wolf tail infantry, heavy and light cav, and more skirmishing types as well.


I look forward to building up this force with fresh reinforcements while we push the heathen Saxons back to the coast from which they came! I also yearn for the day my Saga books arrive (soon) so that I may begin dreaming of battle boards and the tears of my foes.

Epic Fox

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