Well, I did take a break after getting things started here at the website. There was a lot of re-basing going on, and a pile of metal that I’ve been digging into and slopping paint on.


I actually finished this army over two years ago. It was my first 15mm project (of hundreds) and my first experience with this scale, it was also a mixed experience. At the time I was not ready for drilling hand holds for spears etc… and took the easy way out and glued them on, then painted it in the best to cover it up. At the time I just did not have the patience to do it correctly. I have since ordered the appropriate tools and have practiced a little for my upcoming Macedonian project. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are making peoples fingers bleed with the best of ’em. The spears and lances also seem to be one of the toughest components on the miniatures. Oh well, admittedly it shows up more than I’d like on camera. Live and learn I guess.



Now for the Normans, they are found in book three of the DBA armies, list 52. It also shares an army list for the Western Frankish 888 AD – 1072 AD so could technically be fielded as either. The Norman’s aggression rating is up there at three so be prepared to fight in foreign lands. They are very biased towards their knights and always field at least six Kn/Cv elements. A player could line up for battle with up to 10 Kn/Cv/Lh elements with just a tiny retinue of foot if they wished. Norman generals have decent options though. They will have to field a few foot elements and they can swap Kn bases for other types if wished such as Bd, Sp, Cb, Hd, and Ps. A wide variety of options are there for the wise, it’s all a matter of exploiting them.


You can line up your Normans historically against several entertaining nations. Themselves and the Frankish for starts, the Vikings and Danes, Early Crusades, A few Byzantine factions, and the early Muslims of Sicily just off the top of my head. They are also a colorful army and stand out on a battlefield when painted up. A solid line of knights are capable of terrifying damage of course, but get bogged down if you can force them into or around battlefield features and then engage with psiloi and other light infantry to break up their lines. I’ve had a lot of fun fighting against this army mainly (it is my son’s first DBA army) and messed around with them solo a little bit. They have the potential to be a late period tournament army but I have yet to see them in action against a Feudal English army for instance. The Normans do seem to be a pretty common first-time player’s army from what I can tell.



Epic Fox



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