15mm German Ferdinand / Elefant

I finished up the first of two Ferdinands for my planned Kursk and Anzio actions. These are 15mm models from The Plastic Soldier Company. I ordered these big boys over a year ago, but they were placed pretty far down in the painting que. I recently got to this one over the past weekend and should finish the second this coming weekend.

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DBA Armies #1 New Kingdom Egyptians

I’ve been painting some new armies up for De Bellis Antiquitatis recently and I am going to start introducing some of them to the battlefields now. We are going to start by taking a look at the New Kingdom Egyptians. Of course these guys are an early ancient army so they will be in book 1, list 22b. The Egyptians muster a lot of solid formations along with the typical skirmishing line for that era, and then there are the chariots as well. Lot’s of ’em! Continue reading